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About Jem - Cyn's Lone Pine Shetlands
We live in the highlands of Okanogan County. At 3000ft. elevation. The winters are cold sometimes bitter and summers can be very hot! At this elevation we notice our ponies are very vigorous and healthy! Much like the Scottish Highlands they called home. The American Shetland is truly an American breed as the ponies have been changed They have been bred to selective outside stock to refine and enhance the breed for a more willing and hard working pony that children and adults can enjoy! We now breed foundation Classic ponies with the refinement needed in the shows and also look good under saddle or harness. We invite you to come see what we have. 

We have been breeding since 2008 and we have sold our ponies across the U.S. and in Canada. Please feel free to call or E-Mail us regarding our ponies. There very friendly and have sound, sane minds and bodies. Our ponies are exposed to all kinds of things as an example... Log Trucks, Tractors a verity of animals small and large, Jets that fly low and many other things. 
Please meet MO Shock N Awe, EDV  Sire of  2013 Congress Resv. Champion LP Mo Olympus     and  JEM~CYNS Mr. Bo Jangles our up coming Jr. Stallion. He is a silver bay and is a very balanced colt with all the nice sweepy motion you would want in a fine young stallion! He will be expecting his first foal in 2020!